March ‘Games For Gold’ Announced

Xbox have announced the ‘Games For Gold’ for March, including ‘Evolve’ and ‘Borderlands 2’.

Xbox have announce the free to play games for the month of March coming to both Xbox One and Xbox 360. From the first of March Xbox One players will be able to get their hands on ‘Layers of Fear’, a single-player horror. The gamer was interestingly only released last week and has a solid 9/10 review score on Steam. Xbox 360 users will be able to download ‘Borderlands 2’ for free all the way through to the 15th of March when the title will change.

From March 16th, ‘Evolve’ will be playable for free on xbox one whilst side-scrolling shooting game ‘Heavy Weapon’ will be coming to the 360.


Adam L



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